About Me

I am Lorenz, a German filmmaker now based in Montreal, Canada.

Growing up with a foundation in music rather than in visual arts, I only recognized the power of telling a story with moving pictures, sound, light, and music at the age of 20, when I grew a strong interest in the works by contemporary directors such as Dennis Villeneuve and Lars von Trier.

The ability to craft a piece of art by harnessing the complexity of interacting art forms, all whilst compressing a story to its very essence pulled me towards learning about the art of cinema and filmmaking. Over the span of the last six years, I have since studied cinematography and directing autodidactically.

My influences reach from movies by filmmakers such as Buster Keaton and the Coen Brothers, short stories by Stefan Zweig and Wolfgang Borchert, to novels by Nikolaj Gogol.

Having recently moved to Montreal, I am working towards building meaningful connections with talented people across all fields. For me, the beauty of filmmaking lies in the collaborative process, where each person’s expertise contributes to making a shared vision come alive.

Inspirations in April 2024:



            Ronroco, Gustavo Santaolalla (Album)



These works meant a lot to me in…

April 2024:

  • Ronroco, Gustavo Santaolalla, 1998 (Album)
  • Ciacona in f-moll,  Johann Pachelbel (on organ)